This is so cool - I NEVER expected there to be a community created for Mitsuwa (FKA Yaohan). I've been going to Yaohan/Mitsuwa since it first opened in Edgewater - about 15 years now...I was about 9 at the time, and it's crazy to think back on all the changes the plaza has been through! Up until I moved away, it was tradition for my parents and I to go there every Sunday. I loved browsing through Kinokuniya bookstore for anime books and anime soundtracks (even at the ridiculous import prices). The food court was/is still awesome! I remember as a little girl getting the kids' meals - fried rice served in the shape of a football and orange soda. The atami there is better than any other place I've been to - I love their zaru soba and udon. I also remember back in the day when you'd order, and they'd give you a # stand for your order to bring your food out to you, that was awesome. Now there are so many people you have to come up to get your order when they call out your # >_<

Oh and the other cool tradition they have is the Obon Buddhist festival in August - I guess it just passed. This is the first year I've missed it in a really long time. Everyone would get dressed up in traditional kimonos perform bon odori to Enka music and there'd be really good yakitori and games outside.
~sigh~ I really miss Mitsuwa. Most of the other Mitsuwa's in the country have not done so well and gone out of business, but I hope this one stays around for a very long time! ^_^
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Hi, everyone.

It's interesting to me that there's a community for this.

I've been going to Mitsuwa since it was Yaohan, for about the past 10 years or so.
I'm torn about the new Sanseido bookstore, I kind of feel like Kinokuniya was a little more varied in selection, but I definately think the supermarket is better now that it's Mitsuwa.

Anyway, hi everyone.

Japanese Food Fair

On my visit to Mitsuwa yesterday, I observed some signs that suggested a food fair dating from April 22 to April 24. To the extent of my knowledge, this is an occasion open to anyone who visits on those particular days. So if interested, visit Mitsuwa that weekend, and I bet it will be a fine japanese experience.

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This is the beginning of basically a fan site for Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ. I'd like to find more people that enjoy going to that wonderful place, filled with Japanese culture. So, please join!